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We invest software
into promising
early stage companies.

Need a mobile application, platform,
webshop, website or software tool?
Pitch it to us!

We invest your Minimum Viable Product

Having the MVP is essentials to ..

Create Traction

Having a digital product that can be used, allows you to start with the operations and thus creating valuable traction.

Boost company valuation

Your company valuation will go up directly after our investment. Besides, with the product you can create traction which will also boost the valuation.

Getting traditional investors

After creating the right traction and boosted your company valuation it will be easier to get a traditional investor on board. Time to collect that money!

Start the Investment journey

The valuation of our digital investments range from €15.000 up to €150.000.

Round 1

Concept evaluation

Let’s discuss your business proposition and the investment services we can provide. We will provide a lot of feedback and make our first investment call.

1h / 2h Session | €95
Round 2


How will you bring your product to the market? And how can you share your value proposition? The results of this session will be a clear game plan and pitch deck.

2h / 3h Session | €175
Round 3

Tech blueprint

What digital product do you need and how should this be build? During this session we will dive into the functional and technical requirements of your product.

3h / 5h Session | Free
Round 4


At our last session we will perform a company and technical valuation for the dealmaking. If the numbers add up we will move forward with the investment into your company.

Round 5


In this stage we will develop and launch your digital product. Besides, being backed by Rock One Investments means you will join our community which support each other to grow your business.


Professionals with talent

The tech investor are professionals that want to invest their talent in startups.


iOS Developer

As a tech angel Vlad is involved with various startup on the mobile side. His specialty? Mobile apps for iOS.


PHP developer

With a strong technical background Gaurav keeps an eye on the technical developments and provides hands on coding support.


UI/UX designer

As a designer Monika invests her skills to create beautiful UI/UX designs for the digital products the startups need.

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